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20 January 2020

Stehlin & Associés advises RSI and MSA in connection with the Mediator lawsuit

Stehlin & Associés advises RSI and MSA insurance funds in connection with the criminal investigation relating to the Mediator lawsuit.

The Mediator trial is a high profile health and criminal lawsuit in relation to the supposed victims of the benfluorex, marketed under the name of Mediator by Servier Laboratories. Commercialised starting 1976 as a remedy to overweight for diabetics, Mediator pills will be massively prescribed as an appetite suppressant.

The criminal trial hearings are expected to last until April 2020. The figures are just breathtaking: a 600-page referral injuction, 4,981 victims, 2,684 of whom civil parties, 376 lawyers, and more than 120 witnesses.

Marc Pierre Stehlin and Diane Dumas assisted RSI and MSA in connection with the filing of their complaint for aggravated fraud and deception before the TGI in Paris in 2011, as well as the criminal investigation lawsuit against Mr. Jacques Servier and the Servier Laboratoires with respect to the commercialisation of the Mediator drug.