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20 March 2020

COVID-19 – Health crisis – Highlights, recommendations and employer costs

The health crisis linked to Covid-19 exposes companies to economic difficulties that could have significant social consequences. In this context, the government’s aim is to preserve jobs while reducing the costs incurred by companies.

In this emergency context, the government is currently working on the drafting of two texts that are fundamental to the survival of businesses: the draft decree on the introduction of partial activity (1) and the emergency bill allowing, in particular, more flexible management of paid holidays and reductions in working time (2).

This unprecedented measure was unthinkable only two days ago (see Q&A n°21 on the Covid-19 Coronavirus – updated on 17 March 2020). Will it be taken into consideration to assess the civic responsibility of the company that applies for short-time working? In any case, it is a way for the company to join the “war effort”.

So far, the clearance of paid leave and reduction of working time is not a compulsory prerequisite for recourse to short-time working, but could well help the administration to obtain a favourable opinion by asking companies to adopt a “civic responsibility” in the context of recourse to short-time working.

Partner Anna-Christina Chaves, head of employment within Stehlin & Associés invites you to discover the highlights, recommendations and key issues in respect to employer costs :

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