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13 November 2019

Corinne Dadi on air live on the 20h00 JT gives her insight on the tax exiles

Corinne Dadi, tax partner within Stehlin & Associés law firm was on air on the JT 20:00 live, giving her insight with respect to the large fortunes: there are fewer and fewer tax exiles in France.

The departures of wealthy French taxpayers is in free fall, dropping from 632 tax exiles in 2016 to 376 in 2017. Emmanuel Macron’s presidential campaign promises, such as the partial abrogation of the “wealth tax” and the creation of a “flat tax” were decisive in this respect, proving that the removal of part of the wealth tax, was a hit.

Incredible fact, tax exile reached its lowest level in almost fifteen years, and also  seduced by the flat tax, former tax exiles continue to repatriate their wealth to France.

Please view the live here.