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30 April 2020

CBD – French rules governing the use of “legal cannabis”

Although CBD has long been on the list of authorized substances, the enthusiasm for this product is rather recent and its use is growing rapidly in Europe and therefore in France.

While the debates on the liberalization of recreational cannabis was still ongoing, a fashion phenomenon has sprung up around CBD, which is now used as an ingredient in sectors of activity as numerous and varied as cosmetics, food, beverages and e-liquids in particular. More and more companies, including major brands in the cosmetics sector, are now including in their catalogues product ranges using CBD and promoted as such.

But this new craze should not make the new economic operators on this market lose sight that CBD comes from a plant classified as a narcotic drug and that the legality of its use as an ingredient remains conditional on compliance with certain rules, which it is worth highlighting.

Frederic Lecomte, partner in charge of the commercial and contracts law department within Stehlin & Associés Avocats, and Mélina Charlot, associate, invite your to discover the French rules governing the use of “legal cannabis”.

CBD – Reminder of the rules governing the use of legal cannabis – 30 04 2020