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20 January 2021

Partnership Arrowman Executive Search

Stehlin & Associés and Arrowman Executive Search have entered into a partnership aiming to support their clients throughout their development and transformation, by providing the best possible advice and the joined strength of their networks.

Arrowman Executive Search is an independent consultancy company, focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation, and distinguishes them from other companies.

Arrowman Executive Search’s recruitment approach is combined with business benchmarking, so that their clients and partners find managers and experts ready to meet their development challenges. With more than 15 years’ experience in data processing and talent search, they have expanded their role to provide strategic and pragmatic consulting services to organizations and management committees in the process of their transformation.

Their primary objective is adding value and improving the economic performance of their clients, by anticipating organizational and business development changes, and facilitating the integration of new talent into the companies.

Arrowman Executive Search provides clients access to their rich innovation ecosystem, the advantages of their established executive search methodology, and their extensive knowledge of markets, ensuring the success of their endeavours.

In addition to their consulting approach and focus on innovation, their teams share strong values, such as:

  • Independence and freedom to advise
  • Commitment
  • Team spirit
  • Integrity