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24 April 2020

Masks of the Heart donations campaign

Marc Stehlin, managing partner and founder of Stehlin Associés law firm and founding member of the voluntary collective Action Support France, is launching, in partnership with the Foundation of the Academy of Medicine, (FAM) the donation campaign “Mask of the Heart”.

Masks of the Heart is the alliance between a Foundation developing projects meant to facilitate access to the best healthcare for all in France and around the world, and our group of volunteers, Action Support France. Together, we have already made it possible to bring in million masks in France.

Through this alliance we commit to offer protective masks to volunteers, volunteers or employees, real soldiers of benevolence and aid, essential players fighting the Covid-19 battle on a daily basis.

Our goal is that of protecting those who help the poorest and most vulnerable from the COVID-19 virus.

To make a donation visit this page.