Intellectual property and new technologies law

Our team assists its clients in the new technologies and intellectual property fields, which include copyright and neighboring rights, industrial property rights, literary and artistic ownership rights, Internet and new technologies rights.


Intellectual property

In a market that is highly competitive on a global scale, intellectual property is a commercial and industrial asset whose protection has become a strategic priority.

Our team has substantial experience in defending intellectual property, and it regularly implements procedures required to safeguard or defend trademarks, models and patents. Assisted by experts and seasoned independent professionals, we are able to respond very quickly in crisis situations and to pursue high-level investigations.

Thanks to our extensive network of contacts abroad, we can also carry out coordinated actions in multiple jurisdictions.

We also help our clients drafting and negotiating a range of licence agreements and transfer agreements involving elements of  their intellectual property.

New technologies law

Our team of responsive lawyers who are well versed in technological developments helps:

  • leading IT companies and software editors both in France and abroad with software license negotiation, system integration, information management agreements and maintenance and other related services agreements;
  • Internet players at any l level of their work, particularly when it comes to regulatory issues regarding data protection and consumer law;
  • innovative companies in the fields of biotech, medtech and fintech in particular, on regulatory aspects and the protection of their intellectual property;
  • our clients with regulatory and practical issues in data protection, data processing, data storage and transferring data abroad in compliance with French and EU regulations;
  • our clients with sensitive issues related to corporate cyber surveillance, in collaboration with our employment law team.

Our team also assists clients in dispute resolution processes, and more specifically in database infringement issues, software ownership, integrator or developer liability and product liability.